Weed Killer Sprayer’s Industry, a Savior for Ld Countries

An herbicide is a substance that kills weeds and vegetables that are in the crop and are not edible. Many companies or farmers produce their own herbicides. The use of herbicides prevents weeds from using water , sun and food.

Fresh and growing plants live in an environment where they continue to grow when poisonous plants fall from poisoned trees and leaves and transfer some of the toxin to the soil.

They are a type of tree that produces natural herbicides, one of which is the fragrant leaf tree, which prevents the growth of other plants around it, and the taste of the leaves of this tree is due to the substance it contains.

And most housewives use fragrant leaves in food for better taste. If we want to give another example , it is undoubtedly the walnut tree, the fruit of which is one of the best edible and valuable fruits.

In addition to trees and the production of natural herbicides, humans also make natural herbicides for their agriculture. There is one type of herbicide that kills all types of plants and another type only kills plants that have broad leaves and do not damage the green space. They are also a type of herb that is absorbed by plants and acts like growth hormone.

Types of weed killer sprayer :

  • Stokler herbicide
  • Oxyfluorfene herbicide
  • Exadiazone herbicide
  • Ultima herbicide
  • EPTC herbicide
  • Herbicide ben sulfuron methyl
  • Bentazone herbicide
  • Butachlor herbicide
  • Paraquat herbicide
  • Portillacia herbicide
  • Pyridate herbicide
  • Herbalist terry benuron methyl
  • Trifluralin herbicide
  • Fenmedifam herbicide
  • Desmedifam herbicide
  • Otofumzite herbicide
  • Fenoxaprop pethyl herbicide
  • Clopiralide herbicide
  • Clodinafop propargil herbicide
  • Glyphosate herbicide
  • Infection herbicide
  • HeroxyFop R methyl herbicide
  • Nomini herbicide
  • The herbicide metribosin
  • Dylan super herbicide
  • The herbicide is immediate
  • Grass herder
  • Pendimethalin herbicide
  • Imaztapir herbicide
  • Axial herbicide
  • Dalpone herbicide
  • Dinitramine herbicide
  • Dioron herbicide
  • Cycloxidim herbicide
  • Flow azifop P. Butyl herbicide
  • Chloridazone herbicide
  • The herbicide clodinafop propargil
  • Inoron herbicide
  • Alcohol herbicide
  • The most herbicide
  • Etal floralin herbicide
  • Stokler herbicide
  • Exadiazone herbicide
  • Netazone herbicide
  • Glyphosate herbicide
  • Herbicide terflan
  • Paraquat herbicide
  • Randap herbicide
  • Picloram herbicide
  • Butachlor herbicide
  • The herbicide benzulfuron methyl
  • Bromoxynil herbicide

Ways to propagate and spread weeds

Weeds are mostly propagated through seeds production, but some are propagated in addition to seed production through creeping stems or roots and underground. So that of the roots or the underground stem are cut into pieces, a new weed plant can emerge from each piece. The development of weeds is through the production of many seeds and their germination in later years.

Weed seeds are propagated by various factors such as: wind, irrigation water, animals, use of poor quality and organic weed seeds, as well as by transfering weed seed excavation to other fields that may be done by agriculture to be.

Weed Killer Sprayer’s Industry, a Savior for Ld Countries

Which Area Has the Most Concentration on Exporting Weed Killer Sprayers?

Which Area Has the Most Concentration on Exporting Weed Killer Sprayers? Most weeds occur in wheat fields. Manufactures of industrial herbicides spray mostly export to wheat fields. Commercial companies sell electric appliances to elminate weeds at a reasonable price.

Weed damage to the crop

  1. Competing with the main product in absorbing moisture, food, occupying space and finally reducing the main product.
  2. Damage through the release of toxic substances into the soil and poisoning of crops.
  3. Causing poisoning in live stock, poultry and even humans by some poisonous weeds in different ways (mixing with the product and it’s food consumption , contact with toxic parts, etc.).
  4. Weeds as a shelter and intermediate host of some disease and pests of crops are considered and can be indirectly harmful.
  5. Spending money, time and energy to control weeds and weaken the production economy.

How Can We Decrease Weed Killer Sprayer’s Custom Costs?

How Can We Decrease Weed Killer Sprayer’s Custom Costs? Due to the growing human population in the world, the issue of food needs and it’s supply as a major problem and serious concern has always been considered as an important issue for humanity today, despite efforts to increase production constantly by harmful factors, including living and non- living affected, which is one of the living factors influencing the reduction of weed yield.

Weeds damge the crop both quantitatively and qualitatively. It’s qualitative damage reduces the quality and nutritional value or poisoning of the product ( in case of excessive mixing with the product ) and small damage reduces the amount of production per unit area.

Monthly Discount on Weed Killer Sprayers in the Middle East Market

Monthly Discount on Weed Killer Sprayers in the Middle East Market In the middle east, discounts are offered due to the high consumption of herbicides.

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