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In this article, we will review the top 10 agricultural equipment manufacturers in Nigeria. This information will be useful for those of you who need mechanized farming tools in Nigeria.

agricultural equipment for sale

One of the ways to reduce the cost of modern farming in Nigeria is to buy farming equipment locally. Well, some farming equipment is locally made and manufactured in Nigeria. In fact, some agricultural machinery manufacturers have gone a step further and started production in agricultural processing plants. As a farmer who wants to engage in modern agriculture in Nigeria, it is necessary to know about the agricultural institutions that specialize in manufacturing agricultural machinery and equipment. Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers in Nigeria This article describes the top 10 agricultural equipment manufacturers in Nigeria. The top 10 companies involved in manufacturing agricultural machinery discussed in this article are: Niji Lukas Nigeria Ltd. Niji-Lukas Nigeria Limited is one of the leading agricultural machinery manufacturers in Nigeria. Interestingly, it has a bus stop named after it. The company is involved in the manufacture and manufacture of many agricultural implements and implements. Agricultural equipment that Niji-Lukas manufactures on a large scale includes cassava stainless steel graters, Garri automatic fryers, stainless steel hammer mills, vibrating screens, pneumatic presses, flash dryers, smokers, bean separators, multifunctional fryers, drying cabinets, pastry ovens, bone crushers, stainless steel -M150 wet grinder and M80 stainless steel wet grinder. The industrial activities of Niji-Lukas are not limited to the production of individual agricultural machines and implements. The Company is also involved in the manufacture of some agricultural processing equipment. Some of the agricultural processing equipment manufactured by Niji-Lukas include end-to-end automated tapioca flour processing equipment, end-to-end automated tapioca starch processing equipment, mini tapioca flour processing equipment, mini tapioca starch processing equipment. agricultural equipment for sale

agricultural equipment for hire

Techo Quip Nigeria Ltd. Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited is another multi-purpose company engaged in the manufacture of farming equipment and local farming equipment. The company is located at 14-16 Olusola Ikare Street, Idimu Ikotun Road. Idimu-Ikotun Road seems to have top agricultural machinery manufacturers. As mentioned earlier, Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited is involved in the manufacture or manufacture of some local agricultural equipment. It is also involved in the manufacture of agricultural processing equipment. The agricultural equipments manufactured by Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited can be divided into fruit processing machinery, food processing machinery and wood industry processing machinery. The fruit processing equipments manufactured by Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited are fruit processing and concentrating equipment (for mango, apple, pineapple, orange, etc.), fruit juice powder making equipment/equipment, ketchup production equipment/equipment and soya milk equipment. Food Processing Equipment manufactured by Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited includes Cassava Derivatives Factory, Rice Production Factory, Instant Yam Factory, Malt Factory, Palm Oil Factory and Palm Chicken Farm Processing Factory. Nova Technology Co.,Ltd. Now let’s leave Lagos and take a look at NOVA Technology Limited. The company is located in the state of Oyo. The actual location of NOVA Technology Limited is New Ibadan Oyo Expressway, opposite PW Yard Akinleye Ibadan. It is a private company, just like the other two companies mentioned earlier. Although the list mentioned here is not as good as that of the two previously mentioned companies, NOVA Technology Limited can still be thought of as an agricultural machinery manufacturer. Institute for Project Development (PRODA) PRODA is an agency established by the Nigerian federal government. It was established to support local agricultural machinery manufacturing in Nigeria. It is located in Emene Industrial Zone, close to Enugu/Abaqilichi Highway. Farm Equipment & Equipment manufactured by PRODA includes Garri Production Machinery & Equipment, Cassava Shredders, Palm Products Processors & Equipment, Fish Feed and Industrial Juicers . Federal Industrial Research Institute (FIIRO) FIIRO is another agency set up by the Nigerian federal government. Its functions are similar to those of PRODA described in the previous section, but its activities are not limited to manufacturing machines for agricultural activities. agricultural equipment for hire

used agricultural equipment

Two regional offices have been established to support FIIRO’s national headquarters in carrying out its administrative duties. The two regional offices are located in Abuja and Kano respectively. Farm Equipment/Machines manufactured by FIIRO are Cassava Choppers, Pelletizers, Dryers, Cassava Mashed Homogenizers, Cassava Mashed Blenders, Sieve Separators, Gary Fryers, Cowpea Peelers, Beniseed Air Purifiers, Melon Seed Peelers, Sesame Oil Presses, Cassava Peelers, Cashew Nut Roasters and Peanut Processors. Nigerian Machine Tools, Lagos State Nigerian machine tools are also state-owned. It has two branches in Nigeria. Nigeria Machine Tool offices are located in Osobo and Lagos. Well, this company doesn’t really make farm equipment. Its main activity is the assembly of agricultural machinery and equipment. The agricultural machinery assembled by Nigerian Machine Tools is a 55hp 4×4 Specialty Tractor, Dump Truck, Disc Harrow, Disc Plow and Hiller. Eldorado Nigeria Ltd. Eldorado Nigeria Limited is not really involved in the manufacturing of farming equipment. Because most of its products have nothing to do with agriculture. But it was included in the list because it was involved in the manufacture of a large agricultural structure, the granary. El Dorado is located at 27, Henry Carr Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

  1. Adiss Agrartechnik AG

Addis Agricultural Engineering Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the manufacture of agricultural machinery, as the name suggests. The Company’s agricultural products processing machinery includes fishball processing machinery, cassava processing machinery, chicken processing machinery, palm kernel oil processing machinery, grain processing machinery, rice processing machinery, palm oil processing machinery and soap processing machinery. Starron Nigeria Ltd. Other industrial activities of Starron Nigeria Limited include the manufacture of agricultural machinery. The agricultural product processing machine manufactured by this facility is a cassava processing machine. The address of this company is 27, Layi Oyekanmi Street, Lagos. AluFrame Nigeria Ltd. Alu Frames Nigeria Limited specializes in Food Processing Equipment such as Mobile Rotary Dryer, Vibrator, Plantain Slicer, Pineapple Crusher, Wet Hammer Mill, Spice Grinder, Gary Fryer and Pedal Gary Press, among others. Although its activities are limited to manufacturing food processing equipment, it remains a multifunctional agricultural complex as it manufactures a variety of food processing machinery. used agricultural equipment

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