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Today, agricultural tools are available in a wide variety of types, features, and affordable prices. The absence of each of these makes the cultivation process longer, more difficult and sometimes impossible. Buying standard and high quality farming equipment will give you the best results. Remember, a good knowledge of farm machinery will help you get the best price. Today, a variety of modern agricultural equipment and technologies are used for a variety of agricultural tasks. Indeed, learning about these new technologies and knowing how much they actually cost in the market is vital for farmers to be more productive in their fields, so here is a list of what you need to know. There are different levels of crop production – primary and secondary tillage, sowing and planting, ploughing, application and distribution of fertilizers, pest control, harvesting, irrigation, drainage, transportation, storage, disposal of previous crop residues, etc. Animals have been the main source of energy for work since ancient times. Later, steam power began to change. Then diesel engines were followed by gas tractors. The number of farmers in developed countries has decreased, but agricultural production is steadily increasing with the use of agricultural machinery. Agricultural technology has changed, increasing yields and product quality. In modern times, farmers waste their health and time working hard in the fields using traditional and ancient tools. Tractors once hailed as geniuses of agricultural technology are now old news. Modern farming machinery has developed the farming industry to the best level. Some of the basic and widely used machines are: combine or harvester, rotary trailer or rotary trailer, plow or plough, tractor trailer, power harrow, leveler, water bow, sweeper and disc harrow. Farming is successful when the right tools are chosen. In this section, we will learn about all types of farm equipment. With the industrial revolution and the development of agricultural machinery, the old, basic and complex methods were quickly abandoned and agricultural mechanization developed rapidly and food production increased. In the early 18th century, industrial machines such as ploughs, iron plows and threshers were invented and used and were made of coal. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the development of more modern machinery, cultivation and harvesting methods have improved significantly. Instead of manually chopping the grain with a sharp knife, wheel machines block a continuous path. Instead of crushing the bones with a stick, the chopper separates them from the head and body. The first tractors appeared at the end of the 19th century. According to experts, using mechanized processes in planting, planting and harvesting crops can increase farmers’ income by 30-60% while protecting the environment. The use of machines can save water, fertilizers and seeds and prevent waste and wastage of crops that come into contact with Chinese soil and hands. In addition, with the use of agricultural machinery, many agricultural and livestock operations are performed with high quality and speed. For example, when functional field crops are planted, seeds are more evenly distributed and follow-up operations are easier. Also, seed losses are low compared to conventional wheat crops, the use of row tillage and new technology can save 200 kg of seeds. The traditional method of wheat crop losses is more than 15%, and the mechanized harvest loss is 5%. Since the early 20th century, internal combustion engine tractors have had an increasing impact on British agriculture. Tractors have replaced horses since the 1920s. But at that time, tractors were only used to pull implements and move stationary pulleys. In the post-war years, the number of tractors working on British farms increased so much that tractors were no longer a rarity on farmland. We can say that this kind of agricultural machinery is the most widely used in the farming world. All agricultural countries today use tractors. While the use of this machine is not limited to use in agricultural products and other industries, most of the special uses of this tool are related to agriculture. According to published global reports, experts predict that the market size of various types of agricultural equipment will reach $160 billion by the end of 2022. On the other hand, according to published data, the agricultural equipment market will grow by 4% in next decade and manufacturers in this industry will face a market worth $237 billion by 2032. A published global report states: From 2015 to 2021, the global agricultural equipment market experienced impressive growth, reaching $154 billion in 2021, growing by 4.9% during this period. Experts said: the improvement of agricultural mechanization and the increase of farmers’ income are expected to become the main factors for the development of the agricultural equipment market. On the other hand, favorable climatic conditions for food production and the implementation of tax exemption schemes and government support will also contribute to the growth of the market. Experts also predict that technologically advanced agricultural robots, such as tractors and autonomous drones, will help farmers produce food at a lower cost to meet growing food demand. Based on these factors, the global agricultural equipment market is expected to sustain rapid growth in the coming years, reaching over USD 237.08 billion by 2032.

  • Tractor

Tractors are one of the most commonly used agricultural machines. Commercial farmers and affiliates use tractors for this work. A tractor is a wheeled vehicle with large wheels.

  • Taylor

A Taylor tractor is a tractor with only two wheels, a flywheel similar to a motorcycle flywheel that is manually operated by the driver who walks behind or sits on an attached implement.

  • Sprinklers

As the name suggests, this agricultural equipment is used to spray pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers and other spray materials on fields or crops.

  • Agricultural farmer

This machine is specially used for plowing a field or loosening soil during tillage. Immediately after germination, you can use the planter to remove weeds and aerate or loosen the soil. Today, farmers are very useful in agriculture.

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