Price reference of Mechanical Thresher types + cheap purchase

Price reference of Mechanical Thresher types + cheap purchase

Mechanical crushing of onion seeds shows lower validity for all considered quality parameters compared to those found in control samples

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From this point of view, there is more variability in production

The production of seeds for horticultural crops has increased steadily since 2006

Some important issues are the high cost and labor required for some operations like threshing

The aim of this study is to evaluate a patented and dedicated mechanical threshing system throughout the assessment of seed quality parameters

The study was conducted by comparing mechanically crushed seed samples from 12 companies with samples from the same batches that were manually crushed to determine maximum qualitative potential

The terms selected for comparison are important qualitative criteria contained in the ISTA standards for seed evaluation

The introduction of dedicated mechanical systems reduces seed processing time and keeps quality standards within the limits of commercial capacity, but further analysis is needed to reach higher standards

Seed crops are characterized by relatively small agricultural area but high economic value

The total area used for seed production in Italy in 2016 was more than 37,000 hectares, an increase of more than 10,000 hectares compared to 2014

In 2014, after coriander, onion was the most important crop in terms of acreage, with a constant number of

Three regions have priority: Emilia Romagna, Marche and Puglia account for 34%, 24% and 11% of the total agricultural area, respectively

The Marche region is the second most productive in Italy with an area of ​​about 9000 hectares

As reported by Gaikwad et al

The most commonly used method of producing onion seeds is the bulb-to-seed method

In this method, production is divided into two phases based on biennial physiological characteristics of onions

Onion nut tubers are grown from seed in nurseries for the first year

The mother tubers are then sorted and planted the following year for seed production [3]

Seeds are highly specialized and production requires many steps with high economic costs that are labor intensive

A study by the Centro di Ricerca Produgioni Vegetali (CPRV) in Cesena found that the total cost of growing one hectare of onions ranges from 4,700 to 7,300 euros

In overview, transplanting, pest and disease control, harvesting, cutting and threshing are the main cost items with percentages of 10-16%, 5-15%, 23-27%, 15-19% and 5-7%
, or 4]

 Price reference of Mechanical Thresher types + cheap purchase

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For this reason, companies are pushing for more and more mechanization of important production steps in order to reduce time, work and thus costs

Many harvesting machines have been developed and put on the market in recent years

These machines are designed to reduce collection time on large properties and can be used almost exclusively on level ground

The Marché’s onion seed crops are generally grown in hilly areas and on land that never exceeds two hectares

Under these circumstances, it is difficult to minimize aspects with greater economic impact, so companies opted for phases where environmental conditions are of little importance, such as

The chopping of onion cultivation due to a lack of skilled workers or exorbitant costs

Despite this, the onion is still considered an important crop to value

Practice has shifted to mechanical systems to limit crushing costs

Soft wheat threshers, the first generation of mechanical threshing machines still in widespread use, are well established

These settings cause too large fluctuations in the seed quality

The second generation pollinators were designed and built exclusively for horticulturally interesting plants of the Liliaceae family

The main goal of these machines is to increase the threshing yield without sacrificing seed quality

Considering that the purpose of seeds is to produce breeding material for food crops, seed quality is an important aspect, essential for crop success, as established by the Italian government in Legislative Decree n the marketing of onions stipulates must not be less than 70% *

The minimum percentage of open-pollinated onion seeds for the FAO quality-declared seed system is 60%), this is the same value that the FAO 2006 declared in the quality-declared seed system

The market demands a significantly higher germination rate

From the seed user’s point of view, high germination capacity ensures greater propagation efficiency and fewer problems arising from the emergence of fewer plants, so any innovation or variation in the production process should maximize economic convenience without sacrificing seed quality

small crops such as rice and wheat

Despite the fact that prior information is essential for proper design of a shredding machine, few studies have examined onions

Some authors analyzed the mechanical and physical properties of onion seeds as the constant coefficient of friction of the seeds with respect to moisture and finalized the results for the construction or installation of threshers

Other authors evaluated the impact of operational variables on seed quality parameters and developed a performance index, while others developed the instrument and examined the qualitative parameters of seeds

The main objective of the present study is to evaluate the mechanical crushing reliability of the machine used in Italy to evaluate the standard seed quality parameters compared to manual crushing

 Price reference of Mechanical Thresher types + cheap purchase

types of thresher machine

It can be said that the introduction of a machine for a specific purpose can easily reduce the working time by guaranteeing better seed quality than the situation before

In the present study, the germination rate for mechanical crushing was between 64

8% and 95

As expected, the comparison with manual shredding shows the generally better performance of manual shredding

The germination value for mechanically crushed seeds is barely above the minimum allowable for market value

In general, mechanical crushing causes a reduction in germination power by around 10% and in germination capacity by 8

5 percentage points

On the other hand, R
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and how
They grow easily

For the companies involved, the system replacement is primarily driven by the need to significantly reduce working hours so that the seed quality is maintained

For a specific case example, seed quality depends less on threshing and more on environmental conditions

As for other recent specific behaviors of the machine, since the extraction capacity of the cones is quite different, it gives unmatched results

The machine developed by Theertha has a maximum extraction capacity of 30

9 kg/h, which makes it unsuitable for use in large plots of more than 600 kg/Ha

 Price reference of Mechanical Thresher types + cheap purchase

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