Buying Agricultural Sprayers types with the best price

Buying Agricultural Sprayers types with the best price

The market for agricultural sprayers has gained momentum due to changes in agricultural engineering and the introduction of technologies

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The global market can be categorized by type, farm size, region, crop type, nozzle type, power source, capacity, and usage
The global agricultural sprayer market is estimated at US$2
5 billion by 2022

It is expected to reach USD 3
5 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6
8% over the forecast period
Agricultural equipment is essential to increase crop yields and reduce labor costs

In recent years, agricultural sprayers have become an important tool for farmers to spray fertilizers and other chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides as needed at crops
Technological developments have enabled farmers to use chemicals efficiently

The lockdown-affected growing global need to maintain a stable food supply, as well as the need for greater efficiency and higher yields, have led to continued demand for irrigation equipment, including sprayers

GPS and robotic system sprayers are more popular in large fields, gardens and orchards
Advanced sprayers take advantage of this technology, and automated machines can apply pesticides and nutrients in a more targeted and timely manner

This technological development makes agricultural activities more efficient and environmentally friendly

However, most farm workers are unaware of dosage limits and pesticide risks and require proper training in integrated pest management methods
Therefore, advances in sprayer technology in recent years have increased demand for agricultural sprayers and will impact the market in the long term

Market Dynamics

Driver: Growing focus on farm efficacy to increase yield

Farmers or growers are not only faced with different challenges associated to farm functions but also various market challenges

Some of the market challenges include fluctuating prices, uncontrollable weather conditions, finding buyers for their product, and lack of natural resources

The newer technology versions of agricultural sprayers have provided various benefits to the farmers, such as low cost, increased spray efficiency, safety, and less damage to the crops and environment
This is substantially increasing the demand for agricultural sprayers in the global market

 Buying Agricultural Sprayers types with the best price

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Restraint: High capital investment is needed for technologically-advanced farm equipment

New farming technologies such as GPS, drones, and GIS to collect input data, variable rate technology, and satellite devices are expensive as compared to other non-tech devices and need huge capital investment

The majority of the farmers are marginal farmers or small landholding farmers who find it difficult to invest in expensive equipment

This restraint is particularly high in developing countries such as India, China, and Brazil

Currently, most developing countries are importing farming equipment from other countries, which increases the product cost, which in turn expected to lower the market growth of agricultural sprayers in near future

Opportunity: Adoption of precision farming technique to create opportunities in agricultural sprayers market

Modern agricultural techniques such as precision farming help growers to make more revenue from agribusinesses

Precision farming helps obtain accurate information regarding the application of irrigation water, liquid fertilizers, nutrients, herbicides, and pesticides on the field, thereby reducing the wastage of resources

Precision farming allows farmers to utilize optimal resources in an economical way
Therefore, lately farmers are adopting precision fermentation techniques, which in turn developing opportunities in the global market

Challenge: Increase in risk of spray drift

According to a report of the non-profit organization Pesticide Action Network (PAN), “When pesticides are sprayed, they can drift and settle on playgrounds, porches, laundry, toys, pools, furniture and more

Drift pesticides are harmful to human health as well as wildlife and ecosystems in and around agricultural, as well as residential areas where harsh chemicals are used to ward off pests
This is expected to be one of the challenging factors for agricultural sprayers market growth

 Buying Agricultural Sprayers types with the best price

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The cereals segment holds the largest market share in the global agricultural sprayers market

The cereals segment comprises corn, rice, wheat, barley, and other cereals & grains
The use of agricultural sprayers helps farmers cover larger farm sizes and protect crops, resulting in higher crop yield

Agricultural sprayers involve high demand from cereal producers to increase crop yield
The market for agricultural sprayers is expanding as a result of the growing demand for grains and cereals in consumers’ diets

Growing farm sizes and rising technological advancements in fuel-based sprayers are the major factors driving the fuel-based sprayers segment

The major types of power sources that are used to drive agricultural sprayers include fuel-based, electric & battery-driven, solar, and manual

Fuel-operated sprayers are most efficient due to their strong engine, capacity to cover large farm areas, and reduced human effort, but they also demand proper maintenance

Fuel based sprayers are used for high volume spraying
Due to rising demand and its large capacity, fuel-based sprayers are dominating the global market

Ultra-low volume agricultural sprayers are adopted small-scale farmers and households

The capacity of agricultural sprayers plays a major role in the uniform distribution of chemicals throughout the crop foliage

These sprayers are utilized for small jobs that does not require large power equipment
Spray droplets for ultra-low volume sprayers are very tiny
Therefore, the nozzles incorporated in this type of sprayers, such as thermal and centrifugal nozzles, are different

Changing climatic conditions and water scarcity leads to increase the demand for ultra-low volume agriculture sprayers because these sprayers need less water unlike traditional conventional high-volume sprayers

Asia Pacific Agricultural Sprayers Trends

In developing countries, the markets for agri-food products are changing rapidly, becoming increasingly open and homogenized toward international standards

Acquiring technical know-how and financial resources to incorporate standards such as quality assurance, safety, and traceability is difficult to do as it marginalizes many small and medium farms and agro-enterprises

Adoption of Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Australia, high dependency on agriculture in India, and increasing export of agricultural machineries in China are some of the important factors fueling the Asia-Pacific agricultural sprayers market growth in the near future

 Buying Agricultural Sprayers types with the best price

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