Agriculture Sprayer/Buy the best price Agriculture Sprayer

Agriculture Sprayer/Buy the best price Agriculture Sprayer

Agriculture sprayer is one of the 6 major types commonly used by farmers in agriculture sector and gardening
You can use it for watering the plants, spraying fertilizer for leaves, and spray pesticide for plant pest and diseases problem

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The spray liquid is a mixture of pesticides and water

The active ingredients of the pesticide complex are also sprayed on plants from the leaves, stems and fruits
The main purpose of this process is to get rid of pests and diseases that can harm the plant

The level of efficiency and effectiveness of the spray depends on the quality and quantity of the active complex in each droplet that adheres to the target surface

A sprayer is a device used in agriculture to spray liquids such as water, pesticides and agricultural pesticides
They are also used to spray herbicides and fertilizers onto agricultural crops

Agricultural sprayers have components such as nozzles, fluid tanks, spray pumps, pressure regulators, valves, and fluid lines, and some sprayers have spray guns

This agricultural sprayer is available in a variety of sizes, designs and performance specifications
There are small sprayers to very large sprayers that help cover small areas of land to huge areas

There are many sprayers designed for various spraying applications such as gardening, crops, trees, fruit, livestock supplies and weed control


Orchard Sprayer

The backpack sprayer makes spraying easier with a handheld nozzle that attaches to the tank on the operator’s back
There are three types of backpack sprayers namely cordless, handheld and cordless with handheld sprayers

Hand sprayers are powered by hoses from electric and gasoline engines
This sprayer has no chemical tank and is used for spraying insecticide, insecticide or liquid chemical over a wide land cover

 Agriculture Sprayer/Buy the best price Agriculture Sprayer

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The Atomizing Dust Sprayer is a backpack-powered atomizer for atomizing nebulized liquid chemicals and granular urea
For quick spraying of orchards, tea gardens, coffee gardens and other crops
It can also spray pesticides in the form of dust powders

The HTP Sprayer is a brass head horizontal three piston pump primarily used for high pressure and uniform spraying throughout the job site for a variety of applications including commercial and agricultural use

Its main advantages are long life and energy efficiency
Among this type of sprayers, we can also find cordless, manual and battery-powered sprayers
It is a tractor mounted equipment suitable for large area lands


Backpack Sprayer

Backpack sprayers are ideal for farmers
The gas pressure created by a manually operated mechanical tool forces the liquid inside the tank to eject from the end

Every time you move the pump handle, the liquid will burst into the air hole from the outside
It increases internal pressure, forcing the pesticide compound out of the valve and through the nozzle to the target area


Backpack Hand Sprayer

As the name suggests, this type works manually using a manual mechanism to achieve a specific air pressure
The water tank is made of plastic and is available in different capacities from 4 liters to 9 liters
But for medium-sized agribusinesses, farmers use stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 14 liters

Backpack Electro Sprayer

This sprayer uses an electric pump mechanism
The fuel tank capacity is 5-8 liters, and the larger size is 16 liters
The backpack powered sprayer is a popular choice among farmers today as it is not a hand pump mechanism
This allows farmers to focus more on crop pest control

 Agriculture Sprayer/Buy the best price Agriculture Sprayer

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Backpack Powered Syringe

Many farmers prefer sprayers
Unsurprisingly, the genre is easy to find a market for
The power of the pump comes from a high voltage motor machine of up to 8 liters per minute

Electric Sprayer

An electric sprayer that uses a machine to create a pump contract mechanism and push the liquid out of the tank as needed
The variety of electric sprayers depends on the type and brand of manufacture

For example, towed by vehicles, carried, placed on land surfaces, and carried aloft by airplanes
Boom sprayers and fan powered sprayers are commonly used in the market for such sprayers

CDA Nebulizer

Unlike previous types of nebulizers, the CDA nebulizer mechanism is not powered by air pressure, but instead relies on gravitational energy and disk rotation

The composite material in the tank flows through the hose to the nozzle where it is picked up by the serrated disc
As the serrated disk spins, the liquid spreads over the target
Droplets of this size are great for watering weeds
For this reason, this nebulizer is called a CDA (Controlled Drop Application) nebulizer

Tractor Sprayer

Today’s tractors are not only used for plowing but can also be used as a sprayer by moving the machine and fuel tank to the rear
This tractor carries machinery and tanks, then points to crops that need to be sprayed with pesticides

This technology is relatively rare in some countries and is mostly used by developed countries like Europe and the United States
In most countries, it is possible for governments to use this tractor in agriculture to increase the harvest of better qualified crops

Manual Sprayer

Of the many types of sprayers, handheld sprayers are probably the most humble and inexpensive
Light weight, portable size, manual operation
Some interesting uses of this hand sprayer are not only for urban farming, but also for spraying foliage or just watering plants

Drone Sprayer

The use of drones is not limited to military service
Due to the technological revolution, agriculture is now also using drones to spray crop protection products
This will help farmers spray easier and faster

Drone sprayers are still rarely used to spray pesticides in many countries
It is very likely that the government intends to use spray drones in the short term
Crop failures due to pests and diseases are expected to decrease in the future

 Agriculture Sprayer/Buy the best price Agriculture Sprayer

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