agriculture machine/Sellers at the resonable price agriculture machine

agriculture machine/Sellers at the resonable price agriculture machine

Farming is perhaps one of the oldest and more productive agriculture businesses in the world
Modern technology make tractors and new machines to transform the agricultural industry into an industry of efficiency and mass production

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Farming is no longer small-scale production, but thousands of hectares with huge machines

This increase in efficiency means the world can get all the food it wants, whenever it wants

Let’s take a look at 6 modern machines that have dramatically increased the efficiency and production of farms around the world

As farmers know, pulling weeds is an essential part of making sure you get a good harvest

If you let your fields overgrow, weeds and invasive species can choke your crops and leave the farmer with pennies

Pesticides and herbicides are widely used, but many struggle with the potentially harmful chemicals they contain

As a result, the Robocrop InRow Weeder was developed to weed quickly and effectively without worrying about damaging the root crops

Olive Harvester

In case you didn’t know, olives grow on trees, which also makes harvesting them incredibly difficult

Until recently, the small, oily fruits were painstakingly picked by hand by many workers

Farmers now use an olive harvester that shakes the tree, releases the olives and stores them in a central location

Automatic Cow Milking Machine

Cows are the most utilized livestock on the planet, from meat to milk, cow products help the world move

It’s just not feasible for a large milking operation to have hundreds of workers milking cows from dawn to dusk

Efficiency still needs improvement as workers are still installing automatic pumps on the exteriors

That is why this automatic cow milking machine was invented, which completely takes the human out of the process

Grazing dairy cows are a must in organic farming and are proven to produce the healthiest, most nutritious and omega-3 rich milk

Happy cows graze on beautiful animals on this planet A cow that grazes alone without being milked loses milk per kilometer

By following their dairy cows, the most effective farmers produce more milk and better milk

 agriculture machine/Sellers at the resonable price agriculture machine

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Mototecha has made milking in the pasture easy and stress-free for both the cows and the farmer with their fully mobile milking system

Mobile milking parlors from Mootech are built for clean and efficient milking anywhere in the world, wherever happy cows graze

Most organic dairy cows have the opportunity to walk or graze a bit on the farm

Unfortunately, the herd gets too big too quickly and then letting the cows roam around becomes a challenge with many problems

Time losses – the cows are not the only ones who lose time – walking the cows to farm base, setting up the fence along trails takes a lot of time and expense for the farmers

The cows have to be walked in herds for milking at least twice a day and that causes the destruction of grass and pastures making trails and you can just imagine what happens when it rains

When they walk on paved roads it causes traffic problems for vehicles and hooves problems for the cows

Plus, odor free milking and without manure managing is impossible

That is where our mobile milking system MOOTECH becomes superior to all the other stationary milking equipment, it makes it possible for the cows to stay outside for the entire summer without even leaving the pasture

With this system herd trails are not needed and cows are milked in the mobile parlor that is on the grazing pasture

Mobile milking parlor solves all distant herd problems

No herd trails needed; cows are milked in the grazing pasture

Small-scale Potato Harvester

Potatoes are root vegetables, which means that harvesting them requires a lot of digging

The machine above tills the dirt around the potatoes and brings them up out of the ground

Even though the video depicts a small-scale machine, the same technology is used in tractor-towed rigs to harvest potatoes at an even greater scale

Potato harvesters are machines that harvest potatoes

They work by lifting the potatoes from the bed using a share

Soil and crop are transferred onto a series of webs where the loose soil is sieved out

The potatoes are moved towards the back of the harvester on to a separation unit and then (on human-operated machines) to a picking table where people pick out the stones, clods, and haulms by hand

The potatoes then go on to a side elevator and into a trailer or a potato box

A potato spinner is connected to a tractor through the three-point linkage

Older machines were drawn by horse and were driven by a ground drive

It works by a flat piece of metal which runs horizontal to the ground lifting the potatoes up and a large wheel with spokes on it called a reel pushing the clay and potatoes out to the side

 agriculture machine/Sellers at the resonable price agriculture machine

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The potatoes are then gathered by hand, placed into containers and transported from the field for further packaging

The potato spinner is becoming obsolete because modern potato harvesting equipment eliminates manual gathering of potatoes and leaves fewer potatoes in the soil

Robotic Lettuce Harvester

Whether you knew it or not, lettuce is a very hard leafy green to harvest, and it often required hundreds of workers spending their days bending over and standing up

This repetitive motion opened up the industry to a wide array of back problems, and the farmers saw that something needed to be done

The above video gives an inside look into the lettuce harvesting industry and how, in this case, automation is actually creating better jobs

Carrot Harvester and Separator

As we mentioned with potatoes, root vegetables are notoriously hard to harvest, and carrots are no different

The tow-behind carrot harvesting machine above is perhaps the most mesmerizing of machines we have listed here, and its scale is just astounding

Think about the same process being done by hundreds of workers digging up carrots

Only then can the increase in efficiency in this process truly be grasped

These machines are only a touch into the variety of  high-efficiency farming machines

The biggest fear with this scale of automation is a loss in jobs, creating an economy that is poised on skilled labor

While these innovations are amazing, the world will have to face the problem of skyrocketing unemployment in the future as automation like seen in the farming industry hits the rest of the workforce

 agriculture machine/Sellers at the resonable price agriculture machine

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